Areas of Practice

Company Law

  • Company establishment, amendment, or dissolution
  • Preparation and conclusion of contracts
  • Provision of integrated legal services to businesses
  • Representation before state authorities or any court tiers

Civil Law

  • Immovable property (lease – purchase and sell. Legality monitoring and transfer of real estate)
  • Family Law (divorce, recognition, child support)
  • Inheritance Law (all types of wills, acceptance of legacy)
  • Extrajudicial settlements
  • Proxies
  • Over-indebted households

Administrative Law

  • Having considerable experience in law regulating disputes between citizens and the state or companies and Public Administration, having served as legal counsellor of legal persons established under public law, Dimitris Boukas can plan out and undertake – in the most competent way – your representation before any administrative authority or court.
  • You may find below some cases when you may need our services:
  • administrative fines
  • representation before court
  • civil rights
  • failure of any institution, authority or person exercising administrative power
  • supporting the functional adequacy of public institutions and primary and secondary regional institutions
  • monitoring of legal cases
  • establishment of rules of procedure
  • evaluation of revenues
  • legacy registration and activation
  • structures' evaluation
  • integrated management of licenses for the function of health-regulated establishments.

Confiscation by the State

  • In case of certified debt to tax authorities, insurance funds and other public structural organizations, e.g. municipalities, the debtor's movable and immovable property may be confiscated, in case that there is no debt deferral. Practically, there is an attachment of bank accounts, and in case of delay, a confiscation report on the debtor's immovable property may be issued.
  • In accordance with the provisions of the Administrative Procedure Code and the Code for the Recovery of Public Claims, the debtor must seek judicial protection within a short deadline. Any delay in taking relevant action is likely to deprive the debtor of the right to effective protection.
  • Our office offers a wide range of legal and judicial services, so that you can avoid, directly and efficiently, persecution measures, through debt deferral, while you may also postpone or overthrow the enforcement of the decision on the debt in question.
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