When will the GDPR Regulation take effect?

  • The EU GDPR regulation will, directly, take effect on 25 May 2018 in all EU member states. As deliberations in the Hellenic Parliament have recently been completed, the relevant legislation is expected soon.

What does GDPR protect?

  • The GDPR has been designed to protect data privacy of European citizens and ensure the free movement within the European Union.

Which is its scope?

  • GDPR applies to people, companies, enterprises or organizations within the European Union, which process data, as well as those who do not reside within the European Union, but elaborate data of individuals within the European Union

Why do we need to comply with the GDPR regulation?

  • Complying with the GDPR regulation is obligatory, regardless of the size of the company or its scope of activities. Moreover, in some cases, appointing a Data Protection Officer is necessary. 1) All public institutions, apart from courts, 2) all businesses/ institutions carrying out regular and systematic large-scale monitoring of data, 3) all businesses/ institutions elaborating large-scale sensitive data (e.g. health etc).

Are fines imposed;

  • In case of non-compliance with the Regulation, non-compliants face extortionate fines up to 20.000.000 euros or 44% of the global turnover in case of businesses.
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