Mediation -Negotiations


  • Life itself is full of negotiations. In many levels and under different circumstances. Negotiation is the first spontaneous step before we make any decision, before we reach any agreement, so that we can avoid unnecessary conflicts. Therefore, we must know how to negotiate in order to generate better results. We must also know where to take advice from, since there are many techniques and skills required in order to elaborate solutions and avoid mistakes. Dimitris Boukas has completed the International Master Class on Negotiations of ADRcenter.


  • Who isn't looking for a fast, smart and economical solution to their problems? The answer may sound easy. Yet, everyday practice in the administration of justice and the settlement of everyday conflicts shows that most people choose the hard and complicated way. Access to courts is no longer a one-way street. «Law 4640/2019» stipulates that the parties to the dispute may resolve private law issues with the assistance of an impartial, neutral, discreet, objective third person; the mediator. Dimitris Boukas is a certified mediator of the Ministry of Justice and certified mediator of ADR Group, specializing in civil and commercial disputes.
  • Mediation cases:
  • civil/ commercial disputes
  • bank disputes
  • insurance disputes
  • work related disputes
  • financial disputes
  • immovable property disputes
  • family disputes
  • medical responsibility disputes
  • sport disputes
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