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Golden Visa- (Investing Visa)

In 2013 the Greek government institutionalized a new type of residence permit for third country nationals who wish to acquire real estate in Greece. More specifically, individuals who possess real estate, worth over 250.000 euros, or wish to acquire real estate of the same value (in a well-documented way) are entitled to a five-year permit. Accordingly, within this framework, members of their families are also free to enter any Schengen country.

Residence Permits


A) Residence permit for work or professional purposes

As long as the necessary criteria and conditions are met, interested candidates can be granted residence permits in order to exercise their professional activities, either as salaried employees or as freelancers.

A1. Employees who have a contract of dependent employment or professionals who provide services or have undertaken projects

A2. Special purpose employees

A3. Individuals exercising investment activities

A4. High expertise employment

B) Temporary residence

Specific categories of third country nationals, wishing to work or travel in Greece, can be granted short-term residence permits.

B1. Seasonal labour

B2. Employed fishermen

B3. Members of artistic groups

B4. Third country citizens transferred from a company based in an EU country or the European Economic Area, in order to provide their services.

B5. Third country nationals moving from a company based in a third country, in order to provide their services.

B6. Leaders of organized tourist groups

B7. Higher Education students from foreign countries participating in internship projects

C) Residence permit for humanitarian or other exceptional purposes

Nationals of non-EU countries who had been granted residence permit before – under specific criteria defined by law – whose permit is no longer valid, can be granted a new residence permit

In addition, certain vulnerable social groups like individuals suffering from severe illnesses, pregnant women etc, are also entitled to residence permit.

C1. Humanitarian purposes

C2. Exceptional purposes

C3. Public interest

C4. Other reasons

D) Residence permit for studies, voluntary work, research and vocational training

Individuals wishing to continue their studies, participate in scientific research or voluntary projects, or attend vocational programs, are also entitled to apply for a residence permit.

D1. Studies

D2. Voluntary work

D3. Research

D4. Vocational training programs

E) Residence permits for human trafficking and migrant smuggling victims

Human trafficking and migrant smuggling victims are also entitled to residence permits in Greece.

F) Family reunification residence permits

Individuals whose families reside abroad can apply for residence permits, for members of their families – under specific conditions – in Greece.

F1. Family members of foreign country nationals

F2. Family members of Greek citizens or expatriate Greek citizens

F3. Independent residence permit for a family member of a citizen of a foreign country or an expatriate.

F4. Personal right to reside in Greece for members of a Greek family

G) Long-term residence permit

Individuals residing in Greece for a long period of time can apply for long-term residence permits.

G1. Long-term resident residence permit

G2. Second generation residence permit

G3. Ten- year duration residence permit

Acquisition of Greek Nationality

We offer you a wide range of services to people wishing to establish themselves in Greece and travel within the European Union visa-free. Step by step, we will be guiding you in your effort to acquire the Greek passport legally, in the fastest and easiest way.

Who can apply for Greek the nationality/citizenship?

  • Individuals born in Greece, who have attended a Greek school.
  • Individuals who have completed their secondary education in Greece.
  • Greek University Graduates
  • Individuals residing in Greece for over 7 years, before they file their application
  • Expatriates.
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